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2020 Golf Tournament
September 21, 2020
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Josh the Otter Water Safety & Awareness Project

Our goal is to educate children with a fun and simple message:
To stay away from water unless accompanied by an adult.

Josh the Otter Water Safety & Awareness Project

Our goal is to educate children with a fun and simple message:


“Josh the Baby Otter” was created to help children comprehend and remember this important message. Ultimately, we want to create a water safety behavior for all children that will be passed on from generation to generation.

We have already distributed several thousand copies of the book to daycares, preschools, and kindergarten classrooms across the country. With ongoing support, we will continue our efforts to incorporate this life saving message into every educational curriculum in the United States and beyond. We believe the book; “Josh the Baby Otter” has and will continue to save countless children’s lives.

“It’s an awesome program and more schools are calling us all the time to do it,” Hersh said. “If every year we hit the kindergarten class where we have kids who are at that point where they’re adventurous, we’ll be ahead of the game.”

The 2016 JCMF Golf Tournament raised over $60,000.00 to support our water safety educational programs!

We THANK all of our amazing supporters across the U.S. and worldwide! Because of YOU over 1 million children have heard the life-saving message of water safety with Josh the Otter!

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3 days ago

Josh the Otter

Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death in children 1-4 years old. Drowning is also nothing like what you might think.

Too often there is no splashing, no crying and no yelling for help. Drowning is silent and it happens in minutes. Please assign a water-watcher anytime your family is around water and please make sure your water-watcher is completely distraction free.

The Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation is a nonprofit on a mission to prevent these childhood drownings around the world. Our life-saving message is utilized in schools, community centers and homes across the country to teach children to never go near water without an adult. With your help we can do even more. Join us in our fight against drowning today at

Together, we are saving lives.
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