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Meet Our Coaches

Kim Holmberg

Aquatics Director & Lead Coach

Kim is a supporter and advocate of water safety. She was raised in a family that was always surrounded by water and water activities including the swim team. The love she has for the water shows during each lesson she instructs. Her goal is to educate students the importance of water safety in a fun but serious manner.
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Tricia Kasper


Tricia has taught Float 4 Life lessons for the past 10 years and swimming lessons for over 30 years. She has also managed indoor and outdoor aquatic facilities in Nebraska and Iowa. She enjoys working with children of all ages. The best part about being a instructor is seeing the joy on a child’s face when they conquer a new skill!

Paige Dahlman

Aquatics Director & Lead Coach

Paige taught traditional swimming lessons for three years prior to joining the Float 4 Life team. Her favorite age to teach is infants and toddlers, she loves seeing their personalities grow. Her favorite things about coaching float lessons is seeing each child succeed.

Emily Pasch


Emily’s family always told her she was born a fish. She enjoyed swimming in her grandparent’s pool, taking swim lessons, and swimming/diving for her high school team. Emily was a lifeguard and started teaching water safety to Girl Scouts during this time. She was a swim instructor and marine mammal trainer in Florida before she moved to Lincoln. She uses positive reinforcement with each student to teach them to respect, but love the water. Emily has worked with many species, from dolphins to cheetahs and would love to know about your child’s favorite animal!


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