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Rotary clubs worldwide have a storied history of support for the Josh the Otter water safety mission to end accidental drownings. Our joint goal is to educate children with a fun and simple message: stay away from water unless accompanied by an adult. Rotarians have helped spread this life-saving message by distributing and reading the Josh the Otter book in their local communities, producing events featuring the Josh mascot, and distributing educational materials all over the world.

Get Your Rotary Involved
In 3 Easy Steps


1. Identify your target population

What age group would you like to work with? Example: Pre-K and/or Kindergarten students in your community?

Contact administrators from local schools and/or daycares you would like to serve to inform them of your project and identify student numbers.


2. Create a project budget

How many children would you like to serve in your community?

Order a specialty Rotary-discounted educational packet for students in your community. Packet includes: "Josh the Baby Otter" Book, Coloring Activity Sheet and Sticker”


3. Contact Josh the Otter

We help prepare the educational materials and plan your community event. In addition, we offer discounts for Rotarians and teach you how best to present the materials if you're volunteering with us.

Jim Underwood

“ I’ve always had an affinity for the water ”

says Underwood, who grew up surfing and sailing in california. "My father was in the U.S. Coast Guard, and I've dedicated my life to mariners. I see this project as saving future mariners. Rotarians have an opportunity to educate parents and children and save lives.”

Rotary Presentation Packets

Over 500,000 "Josh the Baby Otter" books have been distributed to children worldwide through the Rotary partnership. Nearly every US State and four countries are involved. Rotary Clubs have purchased over 650,000 in Josh the Otter materials for children since 2010. Amazing!

One of the most simple ways to make an impact is to order an educational materials kit and present the safety materials to your local school. We provide everything you need and teach you exactly how and what to present. Let's reach more baby otter students!

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4 Clubs

International Rotary Clubs are participating with the Josh The Otter project in Jamaica, Canada, Pakistan and Brazil

Rotary And Josh the Otter Facts

Over 500,000

"Josh The Baby Otter" books have been distributed to children worldwide through this partnership

4 Countries

Nearly every state and 4 countries are involved with the project

$ 650,000

Rotary clubs have purchased over $650k in materials for children since 2010

1,000 Orders

Rotarians have made over 1,000 orders of Josh The Otter materials since 2010


Help us create Water Safety Awareness in homes, communities, and classrooms all over the world

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